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The most efficient networking plan, the best performing networks, and excellent user experience are key to the fast rollout and commercial success of 5G. The standard, digital, and platform-based delivery capabilities of Huawei 5G services efficiently build high-quality networks. To differentiate experiences and accelerate commercial success, Huawei applies intelligent technology to plan and optimize network performance, provide efficient O&M, and support flexible and fast 5G service provisioning

Better Coverage
1 Gbps Data Rate
Energy Efficient
More Data Rate


As the world’s #1 ranked global IP backbone, we ensure a direct route between content and end-users. AS1299, our global Autonomous System, is a network built for reliability and uptime. 


With our IP customer base accounting for more than half of all Internet routes and a highly evolved Tier 1 peering ecosystem, your traffic is given a clear path to its destination.


Family Media+ Internet

  • 95 digital channels , including 17 HD channels +
  • 40 mb/s internet
  • Free connection
  • Opportunity of connecting up to 3 TV stations
  • Free WiFi
  • Catch up opportunity
  • An IPTV Box per 1 TV
  • VoD opportunity

Internet package

A more stable internet for YOU without connection fee and obligatory subscription.

Unlimited movies, TV shows and more.

Watch on smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray players and more.

Connection just for you

Steady Network
No Data Limit
Simple Pricing
2x the Speed
Private. Secure. Super Fast

The Internet you Deserve

From High Speed Internet to Complete TV Freedom

Connecting Everyone Worldwide

Get Blazing Fast Internet for $49/mo

Why 5g Plus is the Best?

Combine Internet, TV & Phone

Internet Basic

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Internet + TV

Starting @

NetTV + Phone

Starting @

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A 100% fiber-optic network backed by real-time fiber monitoring.